- Domino’s launches new robotic pizza maker complete with pioneering OUCHH* technology -


Domino’s, the UK’s favourite pizza brand, has answered the dreams of pizza lovers nationwide with its latest launch, the ‘Domimaker’. A new state-of-the-art remote pizza creation robot, the Domimaker transports customers live into the Domino’s kitchen and takes pizza personalisation to the next level.


What is it?

Comprising the latest in Domino’s robotic tech wizardry, this latest launch allows ‘would be’ pizza chefs to connect to the ‘Domimaker LIVE’ via webcam where they can direct every step of making their own fresh pizza right from scratch!


How does it work?

Rookie pizza makers can get ‘virtually’ stuck in with every aspect of the process, from dough slapping, to saucing (with a special Domino’s spoodle), and even adding the best quality toppings that help to give Domino’s that unmistakable taste!  Once pizza chef newbies are happy with their creation they can send it to the oven to be baked – and even watch it cook to perfection remotely.


Domimaker:  The vital stats

The Domimaker comes packed with technological features including two 360-degree swivel-tech rotating arms, twin-jet sauce dispensers, a titanium hydraulic claw, diamond pizza slicer and a retractable spoodle to put customers in complete control of their pizza. It is also the first-of-its-kind to feature OUCHH * (operating utility cannot hurt humans) programming to ensure it complies with EU regulation.


A track record in innovation

The development of the Domimaker is the latest in a line of technological innovations from the UK’s favourite pizza brand that includes the Pizza Tracker, drone deliveries and Easy Order that allows customers to order their favourite Domino’s with the touch of a button.



When can I try it?

The world’s first pizza making robot has been in training at Domino’s HQ since January, around the same time that Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed his ambitious plans to develop an AI Butler for his home – and it will be rolled out to UK customers to trial from this Friday, April 1st.  All customers need to do is order online and then connect directly to the Domimaker LIVE, where they can start to craft their pizza using their smartphone or tablet.


Simon Wallis, Sales & Marketing Director at Domino’s comments:


“Domino’s has always been at the forefront of pizza perfection. Whether it’s taste, toppings or technology we are always looking to push the boundaries of innovation and go the extra mile to create pizza that our customers love. We are famous for a number of our technological innovations that have transformed pizza delivery and now we are using our know-how to transform the way it’s made. There are some high profile names working hard to develop AI to assist with day-to-day life so we’re particularly pleased to get in there first and introduce the Domimaker first”.


Watch the Domimaker get put through its paces in the LIVE test kitchen here 


Order now at and guide the Domimaker on its journey to fresh pizza perfection your way.


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