– Scottish poet rewrites Burns poem to celebrate 20 years of Domino’s in Scotland –

– Scots to order 13 pizzas a minute on Burns Night –


The nation’s best-loved pizza, Domino’s will celebrate its 20 years in Scotland, by publishing a modern remake of Robert Burns famed words in homage of Haggis – in an ‘Address to a Domino’s’ – drafted by Scottish poet, Lorna Wallace.


The Kilmarnock writer, famed for her previous reinterpretations of Burns’ work including ‘Tae a Selfie’ - has written the poem ready for Burns Night, this Wednesday, 25 January.  Laura’s rendition of  ‘Address to a Haggis’,  the traditional first item on the programme of the Burns Supper, sweetly opens with the poet’s clear appreciation for a freshly handmade Domino’s:


“Fair fa' yir cheesy, meaty face,

Authentic thin an' crispy base,

Yir spicy pepperoni

Leaves ma mooth in awe;

Fur Domino's a make ma case:

Thir pizza's braw.”


Whilst traditionally a day to celebrate haggis, Domino’s predicts there will be an astounding 13 pizzas ordered a minute this Burns Night.  Firm Scottish menu favourites, Pepperoni Passion and Vegi Supreme are predicted to be the most popular choices, both of which have been reserved a special mention within Lorna’s 20th anniversary celebration ode:


“As much as I adore ma meat,

Thir Veg Supreme goes doon a treat;

Delicious an' delivered fresh,

Withoot delay.

Its tasty gidness helps me get

Ma 5-a-day.”


Meal-time hero, Domino’s plans to open ten new stores and take on an extra 350 colleagues across Scotland in 2017 to feed the Scots’ insatiable appetite for its freshly handmade to order pizzas - which are made using 100% mozzarella and the finest ingredients.


Poet Lorna Wallace commented:

“The ‘Address to a Haggis’ is a great Scottish tradition, and coming from a family of proud Scots it’s something I’ve have recited before the Burns Supper for as long as I can remember. It is a huge honour to recreate the famous work of Robert Burns to celebrate this special Domino’s 20th anniversary in Scotland and it is definitely one of the more unusual ways I’ve reignited his words. “


Graeme and Lisa Tobias, husband and wife team, who run nine Domino’s stores in Scotland, commented:

“It’s hard to believe that Domino’s is celebrating 20 years in Scotland. From just one store in Glasgow to nine stores now, we’re clearly a country that’s fanatical about our Pepperoni Passion! Personally we’ve been part of Domino’s for over ten years, and worked our way up from delivery drivers to growing our own Domino’s family over the years.   What a great way to combine our Scottish tradition with such a major milestone - it certainly marks the perfect start to the next 20 years!”



Wi 60 Scottish stores alone

Oor Domino's has grown an' grown,

Oanline, in store or oan the phone,

Thir heavy gid;

Amazin' service, tons of fun

An' smashin' fid.


They've also launched a smert invention,

The ultimate in stain prevention,

The wipe-clean pizza onesie 

Is the height of fashion;

Wi pockets fur yir dips an' drinks,

It's bloomin' smashin'.


Och Domino's, yir jist unreal,

Ah'd eat yir fid fur every meal;

Yir endless choice of pizzas fills

Ma hert wi glee,

An' every Tuesday a can even

Get wan free.


An' so, ti sum up aw ma praise

Fur Domino's an' aw the ways

They've led a revolutionary 

Pizza craze:

Ah'll love thir smashin', belter pizzas

Aw ma days.

Fair fa' yir cheesy, meaty face,

Authentic thin an' crispy base,

Yir spicy pepperoni

Leaves ma mooth in awe;

Fur Domino's a make ma case:

Thir pizza's braw.


Ma belly's growlin' like a beast

Until a get ma Chicken Feast;

A rush ti make ma order

Fae the choice oanline.

Ten meenits more, it's at ma door:

The pizza's mine.


Fur when a hear that wee bell ring,

A jist wahnt ti dance an' sing,

A cannae wait ti git ma scran,

Sit doon an' eat it;

Pipin' hoat an' freshly made,

Yi cannae beat it.


As much as I adore ma meat,

Thir Veg Supreme goes doon a treat;

Delicious an' delivered fresh,

Withoot delay.

Its tasty gidness helps me get

Ma 5-a-day. 



13 pizzas ordered each minute on Burns Night

Scots to devour two slices every second (113 slices a minute)

Domino’s has 63 stores in Scotland

Domino’s plans to open ten new stores in Scotland this year creating 350 new jobs

Domino’s has invested just under £16 million in Scotland over the last 20 years*


– Ends –

For more information or images please contact the Domino’s team at Shine Communications on:

020 7841 7065 / 07850 508 412 or dominos@shinecom.com


Notes to editors:

*Calculation has been made on the basis of an investment of £250,000 per store – of which there are 63 in Scotland.


About the poet:

Lorna Wallace is a Creative Writing and Journalism student at University.  She runs her own poetry blog where she reinterprets the work of Robert Burns to imagine what he would make of the world today. ‘Tae a Selfie’, a Robert Burns type poem published in 2014 inspired by the trend of taking selfies on nights out,  earned her worldwide fame. Other work including ‘Ode Tae Tinder’ has been read at Burns Suppers across Scotland.


About Domino’s Pizza Group:

Domino’s Pizza Group plc is the leading player in the fast-growing pizza market and holds the exclusive master franchise to own, operate and franchise Domino’s Pizza stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. The first UK store opened in Luton in 1985 and the first Irish store opened in 1991. In September 2012, the Group acquired the master franchise for Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.  In 2015, the group entered into a JV with DPE to acquire a third of a stake in the German pizza chain Joey’s. Founded in 1960, Domino’s is one of the world’s leading pizza brands. Through a primarily franchised system, it operates a global network of more than 11,000 stores in over 70 international markets. Domino’s has a singular focus – pizza made freshly to order with high quality ingredients. Customers in the UK can order online at www.dominos.co.uk, in the Republic of Ireland at www.dominos.ie, in Germany at www.dominos.de and in Switzerland at www.dominos.ch. In addition, mobile customers can order by downloading Domino’s free iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.