Domino’s launches innovative NEW Easy Order pizza button

Domino’s launches innovative NEW Easy Order pizza button 


Domino’s Pizza UK today unveils ‘The Easy Order’ - an innovative new ordering system which delivers pizza to your door literally at the touch of a button. 


‘The Easy Order’ will be available in two formats - the Limited Edition Easy Order (physical button) and the Digital Easy Order (virtual). Even before it has launched, demand for this ‘physically connected’ button has been so great that the initial release list is a closely guarded secret. The first phase of these dream buttons will be released in late November with a second phase planned for February 2016.


The Easy Order System explained:

·         The Limited Edition Easy Order (physical button)

o   This all new ’one touch’ button will allow a lucky few to order their favourite pizza at the click of a button

o   Powered by project partner FLIC, the ‘Limited Edition Easy Order’ is paired with an app that will deliver the unmistakable taste of Domino’s to your door at the click of a button

·         The Digital Easy Order (virtual)

o    This unique new ‘one touch’ virtual payment system will allow Domino’s fans to order their favourite Domino’s wherever and whenever they choose

o   To sign up to the Digital Easy Order system, head to Dominos.co.uk or log onto the app and register all your details along with your favourite order

o   The rest is simple. Just push the button when you want pizza!


So why has Domino’s teamed up with the pizza gods to make ‘one touch’ easy order a reality?

Simon Wallis, Sales & Marketing Director, Domino’s Pizza Group explains:

“The Domino’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times and 75 per cent of our orders are now online. We also know that our customers love innovation, which further improves the ease of ordering such as our Pizza Tracker. With this in mind we challenged our tech wizards to go a step further and create the one-stop Easy Order. We’ve had a lot of fun creating the Easy Order and hope our customers will love it too”.


Where can I get my very own Easy Order button?

Domino’s will be bestowing its consummate superfans with one of these dream buttons by a socially led competition, more details for, which will be revealed in December.  So stay tuned for news on how to get your hands on what is tipped to be one of the most sought after buttons this year, and remember, you heard it here first!


Our obsession with pushing buttons… (The behavioural theory bit)

Dr Sheila Malone, Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Psychology from Lancaster University explains:

“We live in a world that is time-precious and we are constantly on-the-go. Innovations, which let the customer consume all at the touch of a button are designed to provide a greater sense of ease accessibility and to help to address the demands of our hectic lives. Plus there is an intrinsic satisfaction directly linked to pushing buttons, which is derived from the achievement and reward fulfillment process, which is inherent in each of us.”


Domino’s:  a track record in innovation:

Domino’s has led the way in innovation in ordering, from being the first in online orders, first to launch mobile app on iOS and Android in 2010, as well as the first to via Xbox. Domino’s currently receives 75% of all its orders digitally with 50% of those being placed via mobile.  This new technology will appeal to customers looking for ‘easiest ever order options’ in their busy lives and aligns to the growing consumer trend for efficient, friction free ordering and customers asking to offload the transaction process wherever they can. 




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About Domino’s:


Domino’s Pizza Group plc is the leading player in the fast-growing pizza market and holds the exclusive master franchise to own, operate and franchise Domino’s Pizza stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. The first UK store opened in Luton in 1985 and the first Irish store opened in 1991. In April 2011, the Group acquired a majority stake in the exclusive master franchise to own, operate and franchise Domino’s Pizza stores in Germany (now fully owned). In September 2012, the Group acquired the master franchise for Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.  Founded in 1960, Domino’s is one of the world’s leading pizza brands. Through its primarily franchised system, it operates a global network of more than 11,000 stores in over 70 international markets. Domino’s has a singular focus – pizza made freshly to order with high quality ingredients. Customers in the UK can order online at www.dominos.co.uk, in the Republic of Ireland at www.dominos.ie, in Germany at www.dominos.de and in Switzerland at www.dominos.ch. In addition, mobile customers can order by downloading Domino’s free iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.