Domino’s Partners Foundation

We are delighted to have launched the Partners Foundation in the UK & Ireland, which aims to support anyone within the business who is experiencing personal hardship. 


The Partners Foundation currently exists in other Domino’s markets around the world, notably America and Australia. We announced the launch of the first UK & Ireland Domino’s Partners Foundation during the COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020 to support anyone within the business who is experiencing financial difficulty, both through the pandemic and in the longer term. The launch was inspired by caring colleagues, team members and franchise partners who felt strongly about “taking care of our own”.


The Foundation provides an opportunity to aid all permanent Domino’s store team members, Supply Chain and Head Office colleagues in times of hardship or adversity, providing financial assistance in the form of a grant following incidents such as:

-       Support for bereavement in immediate family

-       Natural disasters (fire or flood)

-       Crime-related instances

-       Exceptional medical or dental (not covered by the NHS)

-       Household emergencies (not related to maintenance)


We believe in the cause so much, we, as a company, have contributed an initial £250,000 to the fund. Additionally, our CEO, Dominic Paul, along with Chairman, Matt Shattock, and all other Domino’s Board members donated 20% of their net salaries for three months. Non-Executive Director Usman Nabi has also pledged a contribution of £100,000 on behalf of Browning West LP. Our Domino’s colleagues and Franchisees are also able to contribute to the fund via a voluntary payroll giving scheme.


We look to 2023, and our third year, with excitement and energy, continuing to raise awareness and support our valued Team Members.


Should you have any queries regarding Partners, please contact the team  on