Investment in energy efficiency

At Domino’s, we’re committed to reducing energy consumption across our head office and supply chain. We continue to invest in initiatives and technology to help minimise our energy efficiency. 

We've made several investments to improve the energy efficiency of our supply chain centres. We installed new air compressors in Milton Keynes, which are delivering a 5% reduction in energy consumption, and also replaced fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LEDs at our West Ashland and Kingston sites. Our Naas facility in Ireland is powered by 100% recyclable energy and some of the excess energy we don’t used is captured and put back into the grid.Our newest site in Warrington was built with the latest energy-efficient features including automated energy management systems, ‘duty standby’ air compressors, and efficient lighting systems, with all machinery meeting high EU energy efficiency standards. 

Production line motors are one of the biggest consumers of electricity within Domino’s supply chain centres. That’s why we’ve replaced electric motors at the end of their serviceable life with IE4 category motors, which offer greater energy efficiency.

Both the Domino’s supply chain centre and head office in Milton Keynes have been built to BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards and have a rating of Excellent. The BREEAM environmental assessment aims to minimise environmental impact by ensuring sustainable best practices are in place, helping to lower costs through efficiency.

In 2019, we also met the legal requirements for the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) phase two, after a full assessment of our operational estate, corporate owned stores, and company and employee owned vehicles. This exercise has also helped us to identify where to investment to further reduce our energy usage.

We actively encourage colleagues to be environmentally aware and have ‘Green Champions’ throughout the business, who discuss ways to further reduce our carbon footprint. This team is a driving force behind us accomplishing our environmental goal.