Reduction in delivery mileage

As part of our commitment to reducing emissions, the Domino’s Transport team ensures we’re doing all we can to be kinder to the environment.

We use an improved fleet management system with new routing software to optimise driver efficiencies and fuel use. This data will be used to reduce our number of fleet vehicles.

In 2021, we introduced several new trucks to our transport fleet equipped with advanced eco-drive capabilities that help to reduce noise pollution and significantly boost fuel savings, helping to reduce our impact on the roads and the environment. 

In 2020, we invested in new Bio diesel and HVO compatible vehicles to reduce our emissions. In addition, we are introducing a hybrid electrical refrigeration component on our new HGVs which reduces noise and emissions. Emission reductions are also being looked at a store level with a trial of EBikes and Escooters for deliveries.

Other measures to minimise emissions include our delivery trucks not exceeding 56 mph, helping to reduce fuel consumption, and procuring vehicles which comply with the latest EC emission and noise specifications. We also conduct regular training with our Transport team to encourage road safety and good driving practices.