Pennies become pounds

We know our customers like to get involved and do their bit for good causes too. This is why in 2010 Domino's became the first brand to launch a partnership in the UK with the charity Pennies, and a few years later we launched with Pennies in the Republic of Ireland too.


Pennies helps us put our social purpose at the heart of the business and helps us scale our support for charities working in all the communities we serve. Pennies is an award-winning charity with an important mission:  to protect and grow digital micro-donations - ensuring the public has ways to keep donating the small amounts of money that are so vital for charitable causes, now more than ever.


For Domino's, Pennies enables customers using our website and app to round up their orders to the nearest pound. Around 93% of the money raised goes to our nominated regional charity partners, and 7% to our long-standing charity partner Pennies – which helps them to develop and grown the channels, opportunities and realise the full potential of micro-donations for the UK charity sector.

By the end of 2021, Domino’s customers had raised - in total since 2010 - over £6.9 million through Pennies. 


It remains a challenging time for all of us, but our customers prove everyday how incredibly generous they are - donating over £979,000 in 2021 in the UK, and 39,605 Euros in the Republic of Ireland.


These huge numbers are the result of customers generously donating every minute, every hour when they order their pizzas, and it means the world to current partners Teenage Cancer Trust, Barretstown, and the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice, and of course Pennies. It's amazing what a few pennies can add up to.

For example, just 10 minutes of donations from people ordering their favourite Domi pizza in-app or online could fund an hour of tailored emotional support for a young person with cancer with Teenage Cancer Trust.


We’re so proud to have been the landmark partner for Pennies in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and to have seen the trend of donations grow considerably since the start of our partnership, and across many other adopting partners of Pennies. Not only was a Domino’s customer the very first to donate with Pennies, but one of our generous pizza-lovers was also the 100 millionth person to donate in the summer of 2020!


Thank you to the millions of our customers choosing to donate their extra digital pennies for our supported charities over the years. 

Because micro-donations matter, now more than ever.


For more information about Pennies please visit:

Pennies is registered as a charity in England & Wales no: 1122489 and in the Republic of Ireland no: 20106331.