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Domino’s Leadership Index

Using analysis conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), the Domino’s Leadership Index ranks the UK’s 60 most economically significant towns and cities in terms of leadership.

The Index shows which towns and cities are successfully harvesting leadership potential, as well as those with a pool of untapped talent, highlighting a need for greater training and development.

Click the image to view our interactive map illustrating the Leadership Index results. Simply scroll over map to find specific data for each town and city.

The Index’s top 10 towns and cities are: Aldershot, Crawley, Oxford, Reading, Exeter, Cambridge, Brighton, Warrington, London and Milton Keynes. 

Surprisingly, smaller towns and cities outperform the nation’s bigger economic centres.  Aldershot and Crawley top the poll with the greatest concentration of leaders due to their proximity to London, making them an ideal home for London commuters.

The report also reveals a substantial North-South divide with only one city in the North of England, Warrington (8), making the top 10 and many others punching below their weight. Unexpectedly, Manchester and Birmingham, which vie for the title of Britain’s second city, ranked only 32nd and 46th respectively in the Index. Liverpool (38), Leeds (24), Newcastle (34) and Sheffield (39) all come well below their top 10 economic status, highlighting a need for greater training and development. 

This research considers the UK’s 60 most economically important urban centres, ranked by Gross Value Added. Using data from the Office for National Statistics, the Cebr ranked these towns and cities in terms of their leadership talent.

For each town and city, the ranking is based on: the seniority of the resident workforce, the level of educational attainment among the city’s residents, the average weekly pay of the city’s residents, and the city’s job density.

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