A quarter of first dates now start online


– A quarter of first dates now start online –

– Thursday is peak time for Brits on dating apps –


The UK’s favourite pizza brand Domino’s reveals contrary to words coined by The Cure, Thursday is the day that Brits ‘feel the love’ – with dating app usage in the home skyrocketing by a staggering 411 per cent.


The new poll gives fresh insight into how Brits like to spend their downtime when it comes to matters of the heart, whether it’s searching for a prospective loved one - or for those already smugly attached.  Key findings include:


        • A quarter of first dates in the UK now start online

  • The UK’s favourite first date is to go for a casual drink whereas couples voted for a pizza (Domino’s of course) and a film as their top choice

  • Over a third of people (34 per cent) claim they prefer to meet someone online first, rather than in real life

  • When Cupid calls in the real world, almost half (49 per cent) of sceptical Brits go straight to Google or Facebook to stalk their potential new partner

  • Nearly 30 per cent said they have used dating apps to find love and one in two (54 per cent) said the opening chat up line could make or break taking things further


To help people make the best use of their downtime in the home, Domino’s has launched a Cheesy Chat Up Line Generator.  At the click of a button, dating app users will be supplied with some ‘text-spiration’ in the form of an ice breaker to use with potential dates (or perhaps even to help find a soul mate!)

  The generator includes the top ten pick-up lines as voted for by the public.



1.       Hi, I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
2.       So how about I cook dinner, you do breakfast?
3.       Wow is it hot today or is it just you?
4.       People call me John but you can call me ANYTIME
5.       Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?
6.       I’m not a photographer but I can picture you and I together
7.       Excuse me I think you have something in your eye? Oh wait it’s just sparkle
8.       I bet you £20 you won’t write back
9.       Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven?
10.     Hi do you have a plaster? I just hurt my knee when I fell for you

 Louise Butler a spokesperson for Domino’s comments:

“We expected dating app usage in the home to be high but the jump on a Thursday was a bit of a surprise! Whatever the day, we like to think that a delivery of fresh Domino’s pizza can help to make downtime that bit more enjoyable – and as our survey shows, UK couples love nothing better than snuggling up with pizza and a movie… I know I love a bit of Pepperoni Passion on date night! For those currently searching for Miss or Mr Right, we hope our Cheesy Chat up Line Generator can help make the difference – after all that opening line could make or break it all!”


1.       A casual drink in a bar
2.       Romantic meal
3.       Cinema
4.       A picnic
5.       Bowling
6.       A gig
7.       Museum
8.       Theme park
9.       Wine tasting
10.     Mini golf


1.       Pizza and film at home
2.       Going to the seaside
3.       Cooking a meal together
4.       Going for brunch
5.       Going sightseeing in your own city
6.       Going to the zoo
7.       Playing board games
8.       Dancing
9.       Going to a gallery
10.     Wine and cheese night

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About the research

Independent research company Fly Research questioned 1,000 adults aged 18 and above in July 2016.

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