·       Lady C reveals 10-year ‘secret love affair’ with Domino’s iconic Stuffed Crust

·       Join a pizza party like no other and celebrate a decade of the iconic crust with Lady C

·       Over 9 million Stuffed Crust pizzas have been baked in the last year alone

Tuesday 12 October 2021 : Regal renegade, Lady Colin Campbell (aka Lady C), has surprised the public by revealing she is the ultimate Domino’s Stuffed Crust superfan.

Best known as an entertaining socialite, Domino’s discovered Lady C was a long-standing pizza fan who regularly orders a Pepperoni Passion, claiming that nothing beats a silver service delivery from her local Domino’s Goring-on-Sea branch. The nation’s best loved pizza company is joining forces with the surprising superfan to put on the poshest pizza party yet.

The Upper Crust celebration marks the 10th Anniversary of the iconic Stuffed Crust pizza with Lady C offering up her magnificently glorious home, Castle Goring, as the ceremonious setting for a superfan party, inviting Domino’s pizza lovers over for a dinner party like no other.

Lady C made the regal announcement through a hilarious video which can be watched on Domino’s YouTube and Facebook channels. We see Lady C sharing her unabashed, ‘humble opinion’ on something that she is secretly very passionate about... getting royally stuffed. Superfans simply need to follow the instructions to potentially bag themselves an invite.

Since launching in 2011, one in ten pizza orders are Stuffed Crust, making it a clear fan favourite. Filled with ultra-melty mozzarella cheese and garlic and herbs for a serious explosion of flavour, it’s the best way to upgrade and cheesify your pizza.

Chief Pizza Party Planner, Melanie Howe said: “Over the last year alone millions of Brits have tucked into a Stuffed Crust, amounting to enough pizza to cover Buckingham Palace 10 times over. We love our superfans, and when we found out that Lady C loves a Stuffed Crust, we wanted to help her host a pizza party in a way that only she can do – in a castle!”

“We know a Stuffed Crust pizza is a firm favourite amongst pizza fans, I mean who can resist that piping hot, herbalicious cheese stuffed crust? We want to reward six lucky fans with a money can’t buy pizza party in a fancy castle on some of Napoleon’s priceless crockery – because why not?!!”

Stuffed Crust Superfan, Lady Colin Campbell stated: “No matter where I’m staying, I can always count on Domino’s to deliver a quality delight. Being one of the Upper Crust, it’s only right mine comes fully stuffed at all times.  One isn’t the only pizza lover out there, so please join us to celebrate 10 years of this delicious treat with an exclusive Stuffed Crust soiree at Castle Goring.”




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Notes to Editors:

Since 2011, the nation has gone wild for Domino’s Stuffed Crust after it first appeared on the menu. Did you know that…

1.       The UK is a nation that enjoys a jolly good stuffing – approximately one in 10 Domino’s pizza ordered is a Stuffed Crust

2.       Monday and Sunday are referred to as 'Stuffed Crustdays' in-store as they are the days when UK orders of Stuffed Crust go through the roof

3.       Staying true to our love for a Sunday Roast, the most popular topping for a Domino’s Stuffed Crust is Roast Chicken 

4.       Over two thirds of Stuffed Crust orders are paired with Domino’s iconic Garlic and Herb dip


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