– Newest menu addition to be made collectable in special Pizza-nini sticker album –

– Domino’s is searching for over 3,000 team members to help deliver a World Cup summer –


Domino’s, the nation’s favourite pizza, has added a special edition ‘Meatfielder’ pizza to its menu ahead of the World Cup. The dough-licious new addition is set to be a firm fan favourite and comes packed with pepperoni, ham, chorizo, pork meatballs, smoked bacon and Domino’s secret sauce.


The ‘Meatfielder’ is available in over 1,000 stores nationwide throughout the tournament and has even been made into a collector’s item as a sticker in Domino’s new ‘Pizza-nini’ sticker book – an ‘apeeling’ twist on the much-loved Panini book that gives superfans a chance to collect 11 of their favourite pizzas. Other collectables include football-inspired twists of Domino’s classics like Vegi Volkaneo, Pepereina Passion, Mighty Messi and Romaldo. Those who collect their first 11 will win a free, freshly handmade ‘Meatfielder’ for the World Cup Final.


The special edition stickers are officially available on website from 2pm on Wednesday 13 June, with books available to claim on a first come first served basis. A second batch will be released at 2pm the next day for super sticker fans to be in with a chance of filling their albums.


Domino’s is also looking for over 3,000 team members, who will help handcraft and deliver almost seven million pizzas during the World Cup alone. Domino’s is predicting six pizzas will be ordered every second, with hungry fans munching over a whopping 60 million slices throughout the competition.


Simon Wallis, Chief Operating Officer at Domino’s said: “With a bumper summer of sport, we’re looking for over 3,000 team members and expect to serve up almost seven million pizzas during the World Cup alone. We wanted to get in the football spirit with some Pizza-nini stickers and are delighted to call up our new ‘Meatfielder’ to the Domino’s menu, which will be around for the whole of the tournament, regardless of how far England make it through!”


World Cup 2018 in numbers:

- 346 pizzas ordered every minute of every day

- Pizzas sold during the tournament are expected to stretch the equivalent of more than 122 football pitches

- Over 60 million slices of pizza are expected to be eaten


Full Domino’s line-up:

1.       Pepereina Passion

2.       Atuna Delight

3.       Mascherlano

4.       Meatfielder

5.       American Hotamendi

6.       Vegi Stonesler

7.       Romaldo

8.       James & Pineapple

9.       Higwaiian

10.   Vegi Volkaneo

11.   Mighty Messi


Domino’s recruits on the basis of ability and, as many team members go on to management positions in under two years, this represents a fantastic opportunity for jobseekers.


Domino’s believes in opportunities for all. The company is an Age Positive Employer Champion, which means it has been recognised for its commitment to welcoming applicants of all ages.


Domino’s is committed to helping people develop the lifelong skills needed to lead a team, with 80 per cent of managers starting life as delivery drivers or pizza makers. It’s leadership programme, TeamSkills is designed to help people with the training they need to become a great leader. The Domino's annual awards recognise the hard work of both the franchisees and in-store teams from the company's 1,054 stores in the UK.


If you would like to apply for a position, please visit:


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For further info contact the Domino’s team at The Academy on 020 7100 7100 or

About the Meatfielder pizza

The new pizza will be available across all 1,054 UK Domino’s stores throughout the tournament


About the Pizza-nini sticker books

100 books and stickers will be available to the general public in the UK via Each book will contain space for 11 stickers and a unique code for the recipient to claim one free pizza. Terms and conditions can be viewed on


About Domino’s Pizza Group 

Domino's Pizza Group plc is the UK’s leading pizza brand and a major player in the Irish market. We hold the master franchise agreement to own, operate and franchise Domino’s stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. In addition, we have a controlling stake in the holders of the Domino’s master franchise agreements in Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as an associate investment in Germany. As at 1 April 2018, we had 1,203 stores across six markets, including 1,054 stores in the UK.