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Allergens & Nutritional Information

In line with Domino's commitment to display allergen and nutritional information, you can link through here to view a full nutritional breakdown and analysis along with full details on allergens.

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Whilst we do our utmost to ensure that product information on this site is current and up-to-date, unfortunately, due to the fast pace of our business and our amazing new product development, there are occassions when the products listed may not be the most up-to-date version. Therefore, we politely ask if you do have an allergy, you inform your order taker without delay.

All information given is for products as consumed. Calorie and nutritional information are given as a guide only. All of our pizzas are hand-made to order and the nutritional values may vary. Occasionally suppliers may vary.

Please be advised that some ice creams contain nuts. Whilst we do not use nuts in our pizzas or side orders some of our ingredients are produced in factories that do handle nuts and our stores are busy working environments so there is a risk of cross-contamination between toppings may occur.

Domino’s Pizza is a member of the Anaphlyaxis Campaign